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Seeds of





"... and it was Evening and it was Morning, the Third Day."


Why was this day different from all others according to the Bible? In the Book of Genesis we are told that every plant on earth, including the trees, was created on that day. In this seminal study, Jo Ann Gardner teaches the Bible from the ground up, literally. She shows how the ancient Israelites, the compilers of the Hebrew Bible, not only made practical use of native plants but studied them to reveal meanings that enabled them to better understand the biblical text. From the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve ate, to the mandrakes Rachel pleaded with her sister to share with her, to the reeds used to protect Moses when he was set adrift as an infant, deeper insights are provided regarding their significance. Seeds of Transcendence has been designed to enable readers to develop a more profound appreciation of the most influential book ever written.


Please contact Jo Ann to inquire about ordering autographed, postage free books directly from the author. 

One of the most erudite and fascinating books I have read in recent times."

     -- Blu Greenberg, author of On Women and Judaism


This is much more than just a book about plants of the Hebrew Bible...I consider this both a

great read as well as an excellent reference.

     -- Holly Shimizu, Executive Director, United States Botanic Garden


A meticulously researched thought through book and a great contribution to the study of the Bible today.

     --David Novak, J. Richard and Doroth Shiff Professor of Jewish Studies, University of Toronto 


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